Build Underway

After several months of delay — because of COVID, the much longer-than-expected process of turning my garage into a satisfactory workshop, and a bit of anxiety about actually starting to drill holes and cut metal — I finally began building my airplane this afternoon! My kids actually completed the very first step:

Step 2 involved breaking out the very first tool I purchased for this project, the Sioux air drill, and actually making holes in those shiny pieces of aluminum:

The smaller #40 holes went smoothly, but the larger 1/4″ hole turned out somewhat ragged. I ran a 1/4″ reamer through it, however, and that cleaned it up significantly. For good measure, I also marked the spar at the bottom of the small forward doubler, which allowed me to check off Step 3 before I decided to quit for the day.

Worked on: Section 6 – Vertical Stabilizer
Time spent: 2 hours

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